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Our Solutions

hunter™ applied to the needs of diverse segments

hunter™ WMC

Warehouse Magic Cube

hunter™ WMC

Automation of Distribution

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hunter ™ AIMS

Airport Integrated Management System

hunter ™ AIMS

Airport automation
and airport logistics

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Offshore Operations & Port Control System (OPCoS)

Port Operation Control System

Offshore Operations & Port Control System (OPCoS)

Automation of
offshore logistics
and port operations

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“With the implementation of GTP technology, we now benefit from instant counting and real time location, facilitating inventory systems, accurate information on storage and preparation of loads. This expedited the entire logistics process with great cost/benefit ratio!”

– José Rubens Spada Jr., CEO, Unnafibras

What We Do


Two decades of expertise in identification, tracking and monitoring technologies.

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Loss Prevention
100% accuracy
Return on Investment

GTP News

GTP uses drone for stock counting

05/05/2017|0 Comments

GTP, which operates with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) automation solutions, Real Time Location System (RTLS) and Telemetry, has just launched an integrated inventory tool with geolocation software and drone sensors focused [...]

GTP is featured in Epoca Negocios

05/05/2017|0 Comments

The latest issue of Epoca Negocios Magazine presents an exclusive feature about GTP's new inventory counting solution. In the report, journalist Nayara Fraga explains how drones can replace obsolete counting forms, [...]

More technology at the service of airport innovation

05/05/2017|0 Comments

With an average annual turnover of 20 million passengers per year, the country's airports are investing in new technologies to simplify, reduce bureaucracy and expedite procedures such as boarding and disembarking [...]

Learn more about the GTP platform

31/07/2012|0 Comments

Global Technology Partners (GTP) is among the five largest automation companies in Brazil. Its set of solutions includes four axes: the automation of distribution centers, airports, patios and port logistics. Among [...]

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